AMD Polaris Specs Leaked

Polaris 10 & Polaris 11 Will Feature GDDR5/X

It’s true that we will have to wait until next year for HBM2 GPUs from either Nvidia or AMD. Nvidia’s GP104 powered GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 cards – not official names – are reportedly configured for GDDR5X. And there’s virtually no chance of neither Nvidia or AMD risking production of large GPUs like GP100 or Vega 10 this early in the nodes’ lifecycles. Neither 16nm or 14nm will be mature enough for large GPU launches this year. This is all assuming HBM2 production has already sufficiently ramped up, which hasn’t yet.AMD-Vega-10-Polaris-10-Polaris-11-Feature

Despite that, what we’re getting this year is still going to deliver a very significant jump in performance, performance per watt and performance per dollar. This is thanks to the much needed arrival of FinFET manufacturing technology as well as GDDR5X.

This update to the GDDR5 memory spec is simple enough. Double the capacity and double the data rate of GDDR5 with minimal alterations to the protocol. That in turn means existing GDDR5 memory controllers will only need minor design updates to be compatible with GDDR5X. Which saves Nvidia and AMD a lot of engineering effort and cost. Double the bandwidth also means GDDR5X will do more than an adequate job of keeping faster, bigger, next generation FinFET GPUs happy and well fed until HBM2 arrives in 2017.

AMD Specs

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